a new post! it's a miracle!

sorry folks, life got in the way... (i.e. a new baby) but i'll try to be better!

anyway, i feel like such a dweeb because the whole week i've been absolutely GIDDY about finding this turquoise cooler for $5!

isn't it cute?!

i can't wait to fill it with some ice and some fun colored soda bottles, have some friends over and fire up the grill!

turquoise igloo cooler: $5


shopping cart

i bought this mini shopping cart a long time ago, but just realized i never showcased it on the blog.

it's become the perfect fruit basket!

mini shopping cart: $1



my poor 9 month pregnant back couldn't take our plastic ikea computer chairs much longer, so it was a nothing short of a miracle when i found these two mid-century chairs for $4 each! {'mad men' anyone?}

they're in great shape but i'm hoping to reupholster them sometime down the road!

mid-century chairs: $4 each


nursery preview

i've got baby #4 on the way soon and since my other little one is still in a crib (and will be for about another year), i had to find some bedding for another one!

as i've mentioned before, the salvation army sells brand new 'target' items and i was able to score this crib skirt for only $1!

crib skirt: $1

i also found this crib bumper for only $2.25. which was a great find since i can't sew and i would have had to bribe my seamstress (a.k.a. my mother) to make one for me!

crib bumper: $2.25

stay tuned for final nursery pics coming soon!



wow i can't believe it's been so long since i posted on here!

i've been buying things up like crazy at the thrift stores the last couple of months so check back often and hopefully i'll get lots of my finds up here soon!

anyway, last week i went to the salvation army which is kind of rare for me since it's about a half an hour drive. i don't know about out of state, but here in the salt lake valley all of the salvation army stores carry a lot of brand new 'target' brand items. remember my beloved chair?

so this time when i went they had TONS of shoes! i got these great boots for my 5 year old daughter with the tags still on them for $3.25 a pair! these boots normally retail for $17.99 a pair!

i'm definitely going to have to start making the trip there more often!

i've also been wanting to show off some of these cute items i bought for my 3 year old.

these brown velvet flats were bought from a church consignment sale that i go to twice a year. i believe i paid $5 for them!

aren't they adorable?

and finally, i found this fun little coat at the d.i. for $3!

i think it will be perfect for fall!


side table

my original plan for this cute side table was to sand it and re-stain it a dark brown to match the rest of my living room furniture, but unfortunately it just wasn't working, so i decided to just paint it white.

isn't the detailing on the side awesome!

side table: $5


distressed mirror

sorry for the long absence!

found this fun mirror at the d.i. yesterday and thought it would look perfect in my son sawyer's room.

distressed mirror: $4

i'm loving the detail on the frame!

check back often! i bought a few more fun things to share!